Burlesque Hall of Fame

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1027 South Main Street
Suite 110
Las Vegas
United States

About Us

From its humble beginnings as the personal collection of Jennie Lee, the legendary tassel-twirler who first dreamed of a "Burlesque Hall of Fame" in the early 1950s, to its present-day incarnation as the world’s largest and most important archive of vintage Burlesque ephemera, The Burlesque Hall of Fame subsists almost exclusively via the generosity of individuals who recognize the importance of preserving the art, artifacts and traditions of this uniquely American art form.

Today, the Burlesque Hall of Fame continues its efforts to educate, entertain, and inspire from the heart of Las Vegas' downtown revival. With our collection of 5,000+ pieces, our annual Striptease Reunion and Miss Exotic World competition held every June, and a 3000 sq ft. museum space located in the Las Vegas Arts District, the museum continues to act as a focal point for the growing burlesque revival, as well as a single source of information about the legacy of burlesque.


The Burlesque Hall of Fame is a nonprofit museum committed to preserving, sharing, celebrating, and inspiring the art of burlesque.

We act as a hub for the growing community of burlesque enthusiasts and provide a dynamic connection between the unique history of burlesque and the art form’s future. We seek out, collect, protect and exhibit artifacts and ephemera of burlesque’s past and we showcase performances of its practice. We reach out within and beyond our community to broaden understanding and proactively position burlesque’s social context and help shape its ongoing cultural relevance.

Our founders’ passions continue to drive us to instill and demonstrate respect for our diverse heritage, to promote lifelong learning through direct engagement with the living legends of our art, and to continually strengthen our ability to contribute positively to the future of burlesque.

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