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About Us

Who are we ?

Founded in 1999, ADICE is an association with more than fifteen years of experience in mobility projects.

Located in the North of France (in Roubaix)- an area with a high level of unemployment in parallel with important immigration population- ADICE views mobility as a means to fight against discrimination of people of migrant origins.

We seek to help young people to get enriching experiences in order to consolidate their personal and professional profile.

ADICE considers mobility as an experience enabling the development of social and intercultural skills among which the acceptance of cultural differences and the apprenticeship of teamwork.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to take part in mobility projects especially the persons with fewer opportunities: young people, job seekers, migrants etc. We participate in numerous European and International training and mobility projects such as European Voluntary Services throughout Europe or the Youth Ambassador Program in the United States.

Given our focus on mobility, we developed a large network of international partners as well as a series of innovative tools among which a mobility support platform. This platform aims at researching and identifying the relevant programs according to the volunteer’s expectations. It helps us to deliver a high-quality support to any of our volunteers.

 Our experience in humanitarian aid

In 2012, we led a project under the EVHAC-European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps- programme. The project gathered two European partners in Spain and Germany. It consisted in the deployment of 30 volunteers in ten different hosting structures in order to build an innovative framework for the European humanitarian aid in developing countries.

Among those 30 volunteers, 9 of them were experts while the others were non-experienced volunteers. They were deployed in different countries over South America, Africa and Asia on four- to six-month missions. On this project, we had local partners in Palestine, Uganda, India, Colombia, Haiti and Tanzania.

This project enabled us to develop common tools for the recruitment, training, monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian volunteering projects.

One of the greatest success of the project consisted in the shared learning process between the volunteers and the hosting organizations and local communities.

What do we plan to do in the coming years ?

Call for partners on EU Aid Volunteers projects

After this worthwhile experience, we want to pursue with other projects under the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.

We want to lead projects that will be carried out with all partners so there will not be a unique decision-making organization.

In order to implement our projects, we wish to gather several European sending organisations and hosting organisations in developing countries on the basis of their relevance and their added and complementary value to the activities carried out.

Thus, we are currently selecting our future partners. We are ready to welcome any other relevant interested partner organization.

 In order to become a partner organization, you will need to show a solid experience in humanitarian aid.

If you are interested in taking part in our projects, please contact us as soon as possible.

You will find more information on our Partner search clicking on the link below:

 Our Partner Search