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About Us

The Oregon Women Lawyers mission is to transform the practice of law and ensure justice and equality by advancing women and minorities in the legal profession.

With over 1400 members, Oregon Women Lawyers (OWLS) helps hundreds of women attorneys create valuable professional networks and warm friendships. Our networking and leadership gatherings provide contacts and information to a wide range of legal professionals: experienced attorneys seeking to polish their leadership skills, newer attorneys looking for mentors and assistance, large firm attorneys navigating a culture biased toward a traditionally male model of success, and sole practitioners seeking referrals and connections.

Although great gains have been made since women first started practicing law, there is still not a level playing field for women. While equal numbers of men and women have been graduating from law schools for nearly two decades, the percentage of women in management positions, firm partnerships, judicial seats, and political appointments remains much, much smaller. OWLS works to close these gaps.