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About Us

Jobs for America’s Graduates is the nation’s largest school to work and dropout prevention system for at-risk and disadvantaged young people. It’s key purposes are (A) to assist young people to succeed in high school and (B) transition successfully to the workplace an/or postsecondary education – and to assure success there for a full 12 months thereafter.

Since its inception 25 years ago, JAG has served over 500,000 young people, achieving average nationwide performance outcomes of

-90 % Graduation Rates (within twelve months of the normal school graduation date) -80% Overall Placement Rates (at the end of twelve months of follow up)

This success is all the more significant given the at-risk nature of the population served. The model calls for participant selection by an advisory panel of teachers, guidance counselors, administrators and service coordinators, all of whom agree that the student has multiple barriers to success and is at risk of not graduating from high and/or transitioning smoothly to meaningful employment or postsecondary education.

The JAG national organization carries out the mission by providing services to 29 state level affiliate organizations. This support is provided to ensure the successful implementation and operation of a JAG accredited program.