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About Us

World Health Specialists (WHS) is a United States of America registered non-profit organization, World Health Specialists publisheds on the Internet health information and identified information sources for health professionals and patients to fulfill its mission of improving the quality of health care for all. Aside from its traditional activities of obtaining and providing information to health caregivers and patients, World Health Specialistswas founded to address weaknesses in health care systems, which can be strengthened by using emerging technologies to assist in complete and accurate information concerning prevention diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Honest and competent health care providers, for decades have been voicing their concerns for the need for improvements in medical record keeping, diagnosing and prescribing treatments.

WHS now is embarking on partnering with community based organizations to initiate programs to provide health care improvements in Washington DC which ranks lowest that all states for health statistics, such as longevity and other health statistics. We are initiating programs to do local health screenings, public education, and free to no cost health services with volunteers