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About Us

Innovation, Application, Communication

The Eller MBA experience is focused on innovation, application, and communication — a system that gives graduates what they need to effectively lead in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace.

The Eller College fosters a culture of innovation — not just because it is home to the top-rankedMcGuire Center for Entrepreneurship— but because itsfacultymembers are focused on game-changing research. The latest research can take up to ten years to appear in textbooks, but Eller faculty bring it to the classroom immediately.

That classroom knowledge comes to life for students through application — real-world, real-time projects that challenge assumptions and force you to become comfortable making good decisions based on strong analysis when there is no right projectconsulting experiences,case competitions,internships,investment management, andglobal business tripsare just a few examples of ways that Eller MBAs apply their coursework.

According to aNational Association of Colleges and Employerssurvey, the most important attribute employers seek in a candidate is communication skills. The Eller College’srigorous business communication programchallenges students to develop their soft skills so they leave the program with a competitive edge in the marketplace.