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About Us

About us

Being from a marginalized region of the Bungoma East District and harvest standard of living brought to us with challenges which brought about poor and inaccessibility to enrolment to primary schools. This means that there were many young boys and girls out of schools looking after cattle or being home maids to support back their poor parents or supporting their young ones back at home.

This scenario is what made the director to bring the idea of starting a primary school in the year 2008 to take care of the poor young boys and girls so that they can be able to access the basic education as well as access to food and clothing.

The primary school has registered under the name Khalala Education Centre.The school lacks some of the required physical facilities and trained teachers for these young students to perform to their level best in the national exams.We provide standard housing and clothing and seek help from all the involved stakeholders so that we can be able to continue with provision of these amenities.


A centre of education.


To provide and equip the best skills to pupils.


Knowledge is power.

summary of 2012-2017 strategic plan

This strategic plan is achieved on the 2012-2017 medium term plan,we aim at having constructed:

A dinning hall

Modern Kitchen

Adminstration block

1.This will alleviate the problem of pupils taking meals from open air,it will also be used for storage of food stuff,kitchen equipments and this will improve hygene standards.Accommodation of teachers in a condusive office and storage of learning materials.

2.The school has set aside 2 acre of farm for improvement of vegetable garden and maintaing of dairy cows to improve the feeding programme.

3.The school will provide school uniforms,blankets,bed sheets,beds and other related needs to pupils,therefore the school maintains the sewing machines by training non-teaching staff and school leaves to provide clothes to pupils.

4.As an inspiration towards the discharge of its mandate the school has to hire well trained and qualified teachers from recognized teaching instititions so as pupils can perform well in national examinations and be able to compete the rest in the county and the world at large