Praxy, Inc.

  • VA


11551 Green Spring Road, #308
United States

About Us

Praxy is a Metro Richmond, Va. Organization working to promote peace and justice in the Metro Richmond Area. We envision public events, seminars, classes and individual counseling where clients will learn to embody the habit of giving grace first and in so doing, increase the number of people who embody peace as a deeply practiced habit. This will in turn work to reduce neighborhood tensions. We are seeking people to volunteer and to serve our board.

"What kind of board members do you need?"

  1. Praxy needs board members that can donate as part of their charitable giving.
  2. We need board members who understand the responsibility of the position and will work to grow Praxy into the vital and impactful organization it needs to be to have a voice in promoting peace and justice in Metro Richmond.
  3. Specific skillsets in non-profit governance, leadership, compliance, fiscal management, and data management are needed.
  4. We have vacancies in the four critical positions--president, vice president, treasurer & secretary.