GAIA Messenger Project

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About Us

GAIA Messenger project is an artistic and Social communication platform that projects EARTH Awareness messages using spherical screen systems as a symbolic representation of GAIA ,her own eyes and voice.

With the Earth shape screens,GAIA has a unique opportunity to remind us of important issue,focusing on the planet various landmarks and landscapes as background duringsunrise and sunset projection in order toadd visual impact to the artistic side of the project.

The social side is to be a platform to connect people ,connect the various existing NPO,NGO,artists,association and corporate world,their CSR activities and allow them to come togetherfor one common purpose,our little contribution to the planet.

A key feature of the platform isour mascot,Gaia kun(cute denomination in japanese for kids)

Gaia kun's mission is to travel the world taking snapshots with his 7 billion friends to connect,share,learn and engage people withour online and onsite activities,an interactive way to gain momentum,raise visibility.

All the pictures are uploaded to our FB and flickr account for everybody to see or vote for the best shots.

To progress and gain visibility within the social networks,we are looking for fans of course,volunteers,(especially webdesign)support members,potential partners and sponsors .

We hope you will join particpate and engage with our project in some ways.

By clicking here you will be able to see our website (still building...)and FB page.

The file below is a presentation PDF file of our project you can download(18Mb)

Thank you to I LIKE our page for support


GAIA Messenger Project-Founder