The Yoga Seed Collective

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1400 E Street Suite B
United States

About Us

We’ve created this space because we’ve seen the great benefit that yoga can bring to a person’s life, whether that is stress reduction, healing, greater capacities for compassion and awareness, or physical benefits like flexibility, strength, pain reduction, or simply a greater ease and comfort in one’s embodiment. Yoga makes us happy, and we want to share it! Unfortunately, we know that for many populations, yoga is simply not financially accessible to them. We are working to change all that.

Mission Statement

To serve the community by providing financially accessible yoga-related services through donation-based yoga classes, community outreach to underserved and/or vulnerable populations and community support activities for yoga students and teachers.

  • A regular and full schedule of open to all, drop-in donation-based yoga classes
  • Specialty classes for specific populations
  • Meditation classes and workshops
  • Free or donation-based workshops to introduce and promote yoga at a variety of locations, such as yoga in parks, at corporate events, in public schools
  • Training workshops for teachers to learn how to teach to a specific vulnerable populations
  • Mentoring programs for new and not so new teachers to give and receive feedback and develop their skills amongst other yoga teachers
  • Yoga book exchange
  • Joint workshops with other Yoga studios, other non-profits, and other businesses in the community, to provide mutual support and create a network of healthy living
  • Yoga mat storage for students, and donated mats for use by all

We currently have classes for Veterans with PTSD, classes to help manage anxiety and depression, classes for people in recovery, classes that benefit SED children in high-risk schools, and many other programs. Check out our website for more information.