Fingerprint Volunteer Program

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About Us


"Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate."


Children are such precious gifts we have right now who hold an important role for our future.  They might be small, powerless, reckless, naughty or runny nosed, but they have something which elders don’t have. They have more time to study, create, develop and preserve than any of us, and their thought is still pure, white and vulnerable. They also like a leaf flown by wind which can go everywhere. They are still blind of the world, not taking sides of wars, or knowing that the world is not only place that they see every day. Children have a delicate thought which can be easily manipulated by wrong hands.  If they were taught to kill, they would kill. If they were taught to hate, they would hate. But, if they were taught to love, they would love. That’s why children are such a precious gift for humanity and the world, because to change an adult perspective is almost impossible due to self-pride, but to teach children the right way is possible.


Organization information


We believe that everyone can learn English. We believe that the world can be a better place to live in the future if we teach our children properly and guide them to the right way. We believe that even the naughtiest kids can be the best leader in the future if they have a good education. We believe that every child in this world has a fair chance to learn and develop themselves. We believe that without well educated, trained, and guided children, our world can turn into chaos. We believe that only children can save the future and create an ideal world where people respect each other instead of war, people respect the nature instead of cutting down trees and cause flood, and people can have a good life instead of street life. We believe that what we do can change the course direction of the world.


By believing that, we built a language school where everyone is welcomed. A language school which have a full dedication and commitment to help children in the orphanages, villages, and schools in order to guide them to the right direction so they will have a greater chance to develop themselves to be a better person who commit to a greater good for the community.


Our school organizes a non-profit volunteer organization which carries our beliefs into its fundamental, which dedicated it’s time to travel to villages in order to bring the world to children and which committed to a belief that each individual hold an important role for the future.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide children a chance to speak, express and develop their thoughts in order to bridge their creativity, critical thinking, and care toward the world’s issues.

Our mission is to be the leading non-profit volunteer organization which focuses on children non-formal education.