The Harmony Project, Inc.

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P.O. Box 34358
United States

About Us

The Harmony Project, Inc. is a nonprofit organization connecting those who need with those who have. Our primary mission includes helping individuals, families, and nonprofit organizations connect with the empowerment resources they need to survive, succeed, and maintain self-sufficiency. Too often, families in crisis just need to be pointed toward the resources they need to keep from spiraling downward. This brick wall is symbolic of the many times we often find ourselves in that place where it seems there's nowhere to turn...when all we really need to do is look up and be encouraged. We're not about enabling negative behaviors. We help people help themselves and encourage them to reach their greatest potential by reducing access barriers and putting empowerment resources within reach. We encourage people to volunteer or replenish the resources they've used once their circumstance improves. Our compassion is contagious and spreading globally like a wildfire with an eternal flame that can never be extinguished.