Pittsburgh Area Jewish Committee

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4905 Fifth Avenue
Suite 5
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About Us


PAJC seeks to advance human rights and democratic principles in our community and the world.


PAJC is a ambassador to cultivate the respect and acceptance of the Jewish people in our community by strengthening Jewish knowledge and identity. PAJC advances social justice by convening important intergroup and intragroup dialogues that build mutual respect and cooperation between diverse religious, racial and ethnic groups.

PAJC Core Values

Collaboration: Convene, facilitate, negotiate and build strong community alliances that empower individuals and organizations that partner with the PAJC.

Continuous Learning: Question assumptions and beliefs in a way that increases our capacity for empathy and deepens our understanding of each other.

Civility and citizenship: Conduct open, honest conversations that lead to a deeper commitment and understanding of what it means to be an active citizen to our community and to the world.

Diversity and inclusion: Work with people of different races, cultures, religions, and beliefs.

Integrity: Meet commitments, guard the trust of our community and be accountable for words and actions and the sound operation of the PAJC.