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About Us

Volunteer Centre was established in 1997 as a program of the Swietokrzyskie Centre of the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy. From 2005 we have been an independent association. The main aims of our organization is to help to the people understand the idea of volunteering, educate youth about alternative ways of spending spare time and helping to the others. Volnteer Centre is running following programmes: Job Exchange Office for volunteers - The Centre's main activity. We are helping to the people to find a place where they can use their skills as volunteers. We are also preparing new volunteers for such job by teaching them about basics of Polish law about volunteering, and about non-governmental organizations. Our volunteers are working for non-governmental organizations, cultural organizations, public administration, schools, kindergartens, during sports events, festivals, charity actions, and as a support for older and disabled people in daily activities. We are also preparing courses and workshops for organizations leaders and co-ordinators to prepare them to engage volunteers into their activities. We are working with everyone that want to become a volunteer. The most of users of our job office are students that are using volunteerng as a practice before the regular job. Within this programme we support the existing Volunter Centres in our region and also creating new ones. Project is supporting the stuff of the offices with training curses and know-how about running the volunteer centre and promoting the volunteering on the local level, especially as a chance for unemployed people to get back to labour market.

Volunteers' Club - club of volunteers that wants to develop their own activities. We are coaching and supporting the youth with their own local initiatives, for example local projects, meetings, youth exchanges, traineeships, exhibitions, language conversations and workshops.

International Vounteering - program for sending volunteers for international voluntary services and workcamps. Our office is a contact point that supports volunteers with finding a program, project or organization that is able to host them abroad. This program is still developing by our Centre.

NGO Developement Programmes - we are supporting many youth ngo's in their work and help to establish new ones.