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Chula Vista
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America is under siege with youth violence, abuse, neglect, malnutrition, lack of leadership, and breakdown of family morals and values. More than ever communities need organizations that are community sensitive, family-centered, purpose driven and result oriented. Communities need organizations that inherently believe in empowering youth and families, and is committed to restoring family unity and self-sufficiency. One such organization is called Turning the Hearts Center (THC). THC, founded in 2001, grew out of a growing community demand to foster programs that empower youth leadership development and strengthen families. We empower youth and families to thrive, and not just survive!


To turn the hearts of youth and families through education, leadership development and family enhancement services.


One day every city in America will have a Turning the Hearts Center where hearts are being turned and lives are being changed.


To motivate, ignite and transform human potential into action and leadership building healthy family relationships.