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About Us

The mission of Jett Foundation is to increase worldwide awareness of Duchenne muscular dystrophy with the purpose of raising and appropriating funds for programs, education, research and advocacy that will find treatments, realize a cure for this fatal disease and ensure that all affected by Duchenne have the opportunity to enjoy a full life.

Jett Foundation provides transformative direct service programs, advocacy and educational programs that empower families fighting Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rare and devastating neuromuscular disorder. Duchenne causes the loss of muscle function and independence for all the males afflicted with it. Patients affected by Duchenne lose the ability to walk between the ages of 8 and 12, require respiratory support by their late teens, and survive only into their twenties. 

In the US alone, 15,000 young men and boys live with this devastating disease, and whether they attend our summer camp, their parents attend a national roundtable, or they benefit as a result of our advocacy, we aim to impact each of their lives. We provide the support and education that their families need while facing this disease.