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About Us

At Pace University, we offer a variety of online degree completion programs to help our students take the next step toward better career opportunities and a higher earning potential. Graduates of our 100% online associate and bachelor’s degrees earn the same reputable diploma on-campus students receive and employers recognize and respect.

Candidates seeking their bachelor’s degree should have a minimum of 56 completed college credits eligible for transfer.

AA in General Arts & Sciences

Whether you have some or no college credits, we developed the 100% online Associate in Arts in General Arts and Sciences degree (AA) to help you reach this educational milestone on your own time without putting your personal and professional obligations on hold.

Offered by Pace University’s Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, this part-time associate degree incorporates critical coursework in English, communications, computing, and math to prepare you for careers in a wide range of industries.

BS in Professional Communication Studies

The 100% online Bachelor of Science in Professional Communication Studies from Pace University’s Dyson College of Arts and Sciences incorporates coursework in English, history and psychology with professional preparation to ensure our graduates are equipped for present and life-long career success.

The comprehensive curriculum includes courses that were developed specifically for the online environment. Students will explore the vast field of communications while advancing research skills, the know-how to professionally challenge ideas and assumptions, and the confidence to make independent, effective business decisions.

BBA in Business Studies

Cultivate a strategic mindset with the 100% online Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Studies program offered by Pace University. Adults looking to finish their degree can apply prior college credit and be on their way to competitive employment opportunities in accounting, auditing, management, or marketing.

Students can refine their studies by choosing a concentration in either Marketing and Management or Accounting and Internal Auditing.

BS in Professional Technology Studies

The 100% online Bachelor of Science in Professional Technology Studies from Pace University’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems pairs technical theory with current, real-world problem-solving strategies that our dedicated faculty have first-hand experience applying in the workplace. The highly qualified and dedicated faculty include forensic investigators, expert witnesses in U.S. Federal Court, business owners, and telecommunications experts who are all adept at teaching in the online environment.

Students can benefit from our generous transfer policy and refine their studies by choosing a concentration in either Business Technology Leadership or Computer Forensics.