Barbara Bry for City Council

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3202 Governor Drive
Suite 205
San Diego

United States

About Us

Barbara Bry is a high tech entrepreneur and community leader who worked her way through college and grad school, earning a Master's Degree in Business from Harvard. 

She was on the founding team of several local high-tech companies, including which has created hundreds of local jobs. 

As the first high-tech entrepreneur on the City Council, Barbara will bring her enterprising and relentless mindset to City Hall to keep San Diego safe, clean, and prosperous. 

Using her entrepreneurial background, Barbara wants to create more high tech jobs to create revenue for the City to invest in fixing our streets and sidewalks and filling the backlog of 9-11 operators and first responders. 

She is endorsed by the Sierra Club, Firefighters, Irwin Jacobs, and J. Craig Venter, PHD. 

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