Franco British Student Alliance - ESSEC Branch




About Us

The Franco British Student Alliance is a network unique in Europe, sponsored by Credit Suisse and Thales. Moreover we are honored to have the patronage of Her Majesty the Queen of England and His Excellency The President of the French Republic. Since March 2008, ESSEC has joined the LSE, Cambridge, Oxford, Polytechnique, HEC and Science Po in this adventure.

The Alliance's aims are twofold. On the one hand, it seeks to encourage exchanges and joint initiatives between students and alumni through local activities on campus and through bilateral events such as the FBSA Annual Summit, the Entente Cordial commemorations at the Château de Breteuil and at Hatfield House. The Alliance aspires on the other hand to be a platform for the voices of its students heard on issues of great importance to their future such as higher education in Europe, poverty and development, security and defence, the environment and climate change.