Orchard Friends School

  • NJ


405 Linden Ave
United States

About Us

OrchardFriendsSchool educates children with learning differences through a non-sectarian, research-based, multi-sensory program

in a safe and nurturing community.

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  • Ø Students attending OrchardFriendsSchool may experience difficulty with: expressive or receptive language, speech development, communicating in social situations, attention, organizing thought processes or Autistic behaviors. Our student’s learning issues are addressed through engaging and joyful multi-sensory learning experiences across all the disciplines in the curriculum. In this supportive setting, OFS students explore their potential, learn their strengths, and find their voice in the community.

  • Ø OrchardFriendsSchool’s small student-teacher ratio ensures a safe environment and allows our highly motivated staff to individualize curricula. Our language-enriched academic and social program encourages our student’s involvement in the community, and promotes self-knowledge, self-esteem, and the ability to self-advocate.

  • Ø An essential element of our mission involves learning in the context of community. Family involvement and support is key to our students’ successes in developing into lifelong learners and effective citizens. OrchardFriendsSchool presents outstanding speakers, professional training workshops and resources to facilitate knowledge and understanding of learning differences in the wider community.

  • Ø Our programs are non-sectarian but rooted in the traditions of Friends education and grounded in the Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, stewardship and mutual respect.