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About Us

About Significant.Org


Significiant.Org is a California nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and was formed out of a desire to give back, and we found it difficult to find weekend projects that we could do with our families. SO works in tandem with other charities that support, but are not limited to education, homeless or social service, and creates projects year round where people can reciprocate with their time, skills or a monetary contribution that would be beneficial to a public interest.


  • SO believes that people need a sense of emotional, spiritual, and physical community and we feel that participating in our projects will enable this type of group harmony.
  • SO will help to educate our participants in understanding the limitless benefits of ”Paying it Forward” and how it can produce a ripple effect of generosity that will spread exponentially.
  • With the accomplishment of these projects, our hope is that people will assign additional value to their lives, having made a contribution to the greater good of society.
  • Upon completion of each project, SO participants will receive a commemorative badge, thereby being able to track their accomplishments.


  • Aside from offering participants projects where they can give of their time, money and/or skills, SOwill also enable its participants to be/ find surrogates for others. There are two types of surrogacy.
  • First, for a person who wishes to donate their time, but does not have the funds for the project, they can be matched up with someone who has funds but no time. In this case, both people receive half a badge for the event.
  • The second type of surrogacy is when someone has the money for the event and would like to contribute additional money to “hire” a surrogate to do their time portion. The donor receives a full badge for the event and the surrogate will be paid for their time.
  • In all cases, the surrogate will be reviewed by the donor and SO will monitor these reviews allowing for increases in pay scale for the surrogates when warranted.