Women Living 4 Jesus Ministries

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United States

About Us

We exist to support our sisters mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We are Here for Women – One Woman at a Time.

Women Living 4 Jesus purpose is to be as God calls us to be. We are to be supportive of each other. Women Living 4 Jesus is an accountability and encouragement group of women of all races, and ethnics of the Christian faith.

As we have Jesus Christ in our hearts; we are here to uplift the name of Jesus and support our fellow sisters in Christ. There is not donations of money taken or even asked for; this is a donation of time. Jesus came to help those in need of hearing His word and His love. We, as Christians, are here to give those in need of hearing His word and spreading His love.

There are single mothers struggling, sisters struggling with mental illnesses, addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex and others). Sisters needing parenting skills, love, patience, battered women, all kinds of situations that are in need, saved women and unsaved women. The women of WL4J stand and show others the love of Jesus in us. We are reaching out to women and are there for them in whatever aspect they need.

We are encouraging sisters to network all over the United States to support, encourage, and just be there for each other. This program runs on the buddy system, to form support groups within your region, state, and/or city. We give of our time and resources just as Jesus would have us to do so. We believe in the power of prayer and giving a hand up not a hand out. We help each other beyond the monetary needs of each sister. There is more to living than that! We are reaching out to each other and to all those that we meet.

We are have 501c3 status as a public charity.