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Long Version (Text on Student Teachers/Cooperating teachers may be cut depending on the audience)

Are you currently mentoring a student teacher?

We are in need your expertise in developing a new method for evaluating student teachers.

Our study team is investigating An approach that requires cooperating teachers to set student learning objectives for a unit that student teachers implement and then rate their class’s attainment of those objectives. We are looking for cooperating and student teacher pairs who will agree to participate in this study.

Cooperating teachers will be asked to:

  1. Participate in a half-hour online training. This training teaches you how to choose outcome goals and benchmarks for your students based on preexisting assessments. The training is followed by a brief online quiz.
  1. Set three separate classroom goals for your student teacher. You select the goals and how to determine whether they have been met using assessments already in place in your classroom.
  1. Complete a brief (10 minute) survey. The survey will ask you to reflect on the goal-setting process and also on your student teacher’s performance.

Participation in the study will take cooperating teachers approximately two hours. They will receive a 75 dollar honorarium.

Student teachers will be asked to

  1. Complete a brief survey. This survey will ask for a brief self-evaluation of your student teaching experience and about your academic history.

Participation in the study should take student teachers about 10 minutes. They will be entered into a raffle to win an iPad.

The data collected through this study will be kept confidential. Only the study team will have access to the data we collect, which will be maintained in a secure location.

We hope that you will consider enrolling in this study. To learn more, please contact us at or visit