Lizbeth DeSelm for Melrose School Committe

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About Us

There is a desperate need for effective communication between Melrose Public School system and Melrosians and I have first hand knowledge of the importance of this. The Melrose School Committee needs to more effectively communicate it’s mission, goals and agenda to the public and I can help facilitate that. Melrose Public Schools needs someone to hold them fiscally accountable and my analytical background will allow me to do that. At the same time, Melrose Public Schools needs a new and effective advocate for them in City Hall and my background working collaboratively and at times, adversarially in the course of my career in drug discovery will enable me to do this as well.But I can't fulfill these goals alone. I need your help- A campaign is not a one person show, but a small volunteer organization with many moving parts.

Can you volunteer time? The campaign needs help knocking on doors, designing flyers, phone banking, and performing general office tasks. Or perhaps you have space at your home and an open evening on a weekend:Could you volunteer to host a Meet'n'Greet with friends and neighbors?

Can you volunteer your talent? Perhaps managing websites, reaching out to people, writing or preparing official communications are special talents of yours. The campaign can use your help. Can you design logos? Do you take photographs? If you have a talent that you can donate, we need you.

The bottomline is this: I am running for Melrose School Committee because I am a parent, a taxpayer, and a stakeholder in our schools. I want Melrose Schools to be successful and to provide an excellent, meaningful and academic program for each of our children. I want to bring my skills as a scientist, researcher, and analyst to bear in making Melrose Public Schools the most transparent, and fluid and efficient as they can possibly be. But I cannot do it alone. I need your help. Together we can make this a reality.

Lizbeth DeSelm, Candidate for Melrose School Committee