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About Us

The Ghana Sustainable Aid Project focuses on, not surprisingly, sustainable aid. We are at the forefront of a new type of aid that emphasizes sustainability, independence from donations, and creativity, and interns will benefit greatly from exposure to this type of aid in practice.

The Ghana Sustainable Aid Project strives for a new kind of aid: aid that is sustainable, collaborative, and innovative. We aim to create programs that foster empowerment, education, and self-sufficiency.

Our sustainability projects include a new model for an affordable, environmentally-friendly toilet, as well as the financial infrastructure for loaning money to fund these toilets. Since we strive for our projects not to rely on donations, we aim to have the toilets paid back over a period of two years, after which each set of families own their own toilets. For the toilet model, we have won a $100,000 Gates Foundation Grant, and are about to apply for their second round of funding.