Unitarian Church of Norfolk

  • VA



United States

About Us

We are a community united in a common search for religious meaning in our individual lives. Ours is a church free from dogma and creed, devoted to the use of reason, feeling and compassion in exploring all areas of religious experience. Ours is a society devoted to this search and obligated to promote those guarantees which make such a search possible.

We affirm the worth of all human beings. We trust people's ability to build their own faith. We seek to encourage people to think for themselves. We recognize that people will differ in their opinions and lifestyles and feel that these differences generally should be honored for each person is the final source of authority for his or her own life.

We exist to offer a warm, open supportive community. We want to provide a place where individuals can meet and find intellectual stimulation and emotional support through all the stages and difficulties of life.

We seek to act as a moral force in the world, believing that ethical living is the supreme witness of religion. We are deeply concerned about the effects of our current action on future generations. We seek to promote one universal humanity, undivided by arbitrary classifications or superficial traits, with allegiance to the cause of a united world community.

By recognizing our human shortcomings, we unite in the hope that in working together we may come closer to realizing these ideals.