Hospice Support Care of Williamsburg at Hospice House

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4445 Powhatan Parkway
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About Us

Hospice Support Care of Williamsburg was created to enhance the quality of living for individuals facing the last phase of life and to help provide support to the people they love.

Since its establishment in 1982, Hospice Support Care has served more than 4000 patients and their families. Many individuals in hospice care as well as other members of the community at large participate in the cancer support and bereavement programs we offer, and are also able to benefit from the use of our public library and other community education initiatives and activities.

Since its opening in July 2002 our beautiful residential hospice center has continued to provide service, comfort and care to terminally ill individuals in a home-like setting to countless families in need. We consider it a privilege to be able to provide such imperative necessities to those most in need and are grateful to be part of an organization that is able to provide so much good on behalf of the community.

Utilizing both trained volunteers and staff, Hospice Support Care provides emotional, physical and spiritual support to patients and caregivers, as well as care in Hospice House. Additional services offered include respite care, in-home practical assistance and bereavement support.

Our volunteers are truly the heartbeat of Hospice, providing thousands of hours of care to both patients and their families. Our Hospice Guild offers additional opportunities to provide service and support through community outreach, gardening and beautification efforts, hospitality and administrative service support. Financial support from individuals and organizations in this community sustains Hospice Support Care’s annual operations while the Hospice Endowment and our Legacy Society help ensure the vitality of its future.

Hospice Support Care is a charitable organization that does not receive funds from hospitals or other health care providers. There are no fees for any of the services we offer either in-home or at Hospice House, nor do we bill insurance companies. We rely entirely on the generosity of private citizens and the local community, thereby permitting us to plan and deliver care based entirely on each individuals needs.