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About Us

Mike Martinez represents experienced leadership for our new city government. After coming to Austin as a wide-eyed teenager from a hard-working family in Rockdale, Mike soon found his way onto a path of public service. During his years as an Austin firefighter in East Austin, Mike became a leader among his colleagues and the community and was elected president of the Austin Firefighters Association in 2003.

In 2006, Mike ran a successful grassroots-oriented campaign to join the Austin City Council. Over the past eight years he’s put the values of his upbringing and his firefighting days into practice — solving problems, focusing on the future, and never leaving anyone behind. Just a few examples of Mike’s leadership:

  • Capital Metro, whose board Mike chairs, has turned itself around and become a model for innovation, transparency and stewardship and a key player in solving our transportation crisis.
  • Thanks to Mike’s efforts, Austin requires all companies receiving tax incentives to pay a living wage and offer healthcare and domestic partner benefits.
  • Austin’s commitment to being a home for families where everyone matters extends to our four-legged friends, where Mike’s diligent leadership has made our no-kill city among the most animal-friendly in the nation.

As Austin reinvents its way of doing the people’s business, Mike provides the right kind of experienced leadership tethered by a rock-solid commitment to Austin values. He makes his home in historic East Austin with his 15-year old son Alejandro, his wife Lara Wendler, and their 1-year-old son Diego.