CSS Refugee Resettlement Program

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About Us

Acting as the only resettlement agency in the state of Alabama, the Refugee Resettlement Program resettles refugees from countries all over the world such as Cuba, Sudan, Iraq, Vietnam, Somalia, and Burma. These refugees are forced to flee their homelands because of war and persecution, and they arrive with simple hopes – safety and the chance for a new beginning. In resettling these families, we help them find jobs, place the children in school, provide ESL tutoring, and also set up homes for them using donations that we receive from the community. The Refugee Resettlement Program is committed to meeting the resettlement needs of refugees arriving in Mobile, AL. Our number one goal is to assist refugees in becoming independent, self-sufficient, and self-supporting through employment as soon as possible after arrival. To this end, our staff work in partnership with local parishes and churches, local service providers, community organizations, and individual volunteers to ensure the provision of quality resettlement services.