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About Us

Unique like you encourages people to embrace their unique qualities and attributes, while simultaneously making them aware of the commonalities of the human experience. Unique like yoU’s message is a response to the increasing prevalence of psychological distress, as well as continued emphasis on individualism found in American society. We believe that yes, we are all unique, but we are not alone and it’s time to expose people to the true power of validation, understanding, and connection!

People who feel validated, connected and secure are happier and more productive, have a greater capacity for empathy, have healthier relationships, and generally report having a better quality of life than those who feel disconnected, incompetent, and alone in their experience. Unique Like You helps promote resiliency and decrease vulnerability to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction and other mental health disorders, as well as general discontent and unhappiness.

Ultimately, we want to raise a new generation of psychologically, emotionally, and socially competent, interdependent people. As humans, we “inherit” psychological distress and many mental health conditions non-genetically through interaction with our environment and the people in it. Essentially, our psyches are building blocks and “lessons” learned, especially from early experiences in childhood affect how we behave in, and react to future experiences. Unique like you helps foster positive changes in mental health through validation, psychological education, and awareness of the fact that we are interdependent upon one another. This shift towards interconnectedness, validation, and improved mental heath starts with the individual. It starts with you. It starts with all of us.

The time to improve mental health and quality of life for everyone is NOW.

For those already fighting an internal battle, Unique like yoU is here to show you that no matter how isolated, alone, or helpless you many feel, you are not alone in your fight. For those not currently affected by a mental health diagnosis, Unique like yoU is here to help you connect with others and your authentic self, educate, validate, and help you stay as healthy as possible. When life does throw us sour lemons (as it will undoubtedly do at some time) we want to help people make the sweetest lemonade possible.

Every step we each take in making our environment a more validating, understanding, and accepting place is a step towards improving mental health and quality of life for everyone.

The first step in creating such an environment is recognizing that we are all unique, but we are not alone.

Please feel free to contact Unique like yoU at: lauren@uniquelikeyou.org or 619-993-3876