Yellow Bandages Foundation, Inc

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Iowa City

United States

About Us

The Yellow Bandages Foundation (YBF) is a nonprofit organization with a mission of helping children of terminally-ill parents and/or guardians.

We want a child to be as stress-free as possible during this difficult time in their life. Our goal is to get his/her emotions, mindset, and attention from their parent’s condition, which surrounds them daily, and into activities that will help a child deal with what’s going on in their world.

With FREE program ideas such as:

  • Day trips to the beach, water-parks, movie theaters, biking, nature parks, or any number of activities,
  • “Toy-Nurturing Program,” allowing your child to place his/her emotional lack of control onto a stuffed animal,
  • Food assistance, financial assistance, and other social services aid.

So, simply put, YBF wants your child to feel safe and happy!

Also, we want to help with other issues as well. YBF is seeking to enhance our programs to offer counseling and emotional support, especially with other children who are going through the same issue(s). This opens communication and allows for release and expression that is much needed.