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About Us

The mission of The Frontlines is simple: empowers members of the armed forces, veterans, family and friends through a network that provides resources, education, and the ability to share their stories from the frontlines. The Frontlines is a social utility network that connects the 100 million men and women affiliated with the armed forces. This demographic represents nearly 1/3 of the total U.S. population, and yet only 8 million veterans actually use their benefits. This disparity is best attributed to a lack of information flow and resources.

Uniting all 400,000 federal, state, and local veteran organizations through one dedicated social media platform can enhance veteran awareness about disability, medical, and educational benefits, while fostering a safe inclusive environment for healing; thus mitigating the long-term costs of providing care for veterans. There are many ways in which people tell stories and The Frontlines encompasses them all. Additionally, as the only veteran network connecting all branches of service, to include the National Guard and Coast Guard there is a blog, a forum, and the ability to post book, movie and gear reviews of items of interest by those affiliated with the military.

Lastly, The Frontlines is unique in that combined with veteran “dossiers”, state approved educational lesson plans, and modern technology we can begin to foster a concept of selfless service in future generations. The Frontlines “dossier” affords a family member or veteran to create their own "dossier" listing their description of service, campaigns and any awards they may have had. This "dossier" represents a time capsule for future generations to use in order to have a better appreciation of the sacrifices their relatives made during wartime. Only through preservation and education can we hope our grandchildren know what it is to serve for a cause greater than oneself.

Selfless Service + Leadership = Social Change and we want you to be part of this story. Thank you.