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About Us

SEE Change Magazine is a digital publication of social entrepreneurship and social change. It was founded close to five years ago with a mission to inform, educate, inspire and offer a forum for discourse for anyone who believes in a new way of doing business—one that melds profit and purpose—  effecting change and engaging their communities and the world.

Based in Toronto, Canada, SEE Change’s content, contributors and readership defy geographical boundaries in response to a growing interest in this field around the world. The magazine offers a range of content, including in-depth Features, exploring significant issues in the field, Profiles of hardworking social entrepreneurs and innovators on the ground, Interviews with unique entrepreneurs creating impact and How-To articles offering expert tips and advice for those starting and running their own enterprise.

The magazine also provides book and movie reviews and recently launched a video series profiling social entrepreneurs. Invested in furthering the field of social entrepreneurship and social innovation, SEE Change commissions research reports, such as the Failure Report, documenting the perils of running a social enterprise and lessons learned. We’ve also hosted and moderated panels and events focused on issues of social change. And its editor-in-chief has been a panellist and speaker at various conferences, including at Harvard University.

The magazine’s contributors include some of the biggest experts in the field and our pieces continually feature intriguing players in this space, including Kiva, TOM’s, Acumen Fund, SocialFinance, government officials, UK’s leading legal experts and pioneers of impact investing.

Over the years, the magazine has developed strong networks and built collaborative partnerships. Dedicated to providing its growing readership with coverage of issues at the cusp of this field, its reporters travel the world in search of inspirational, hardworking folks to speak with and to learn from. We’ve attended such prestigious events as the Skoll World Forum, the Social Enterprise World Forum, TedxToronto and the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, searching for stories.

SEE Change recognizes that the impact of social entrepreneurship is limited without effective storytelling. Stories—and their related resources, expertise and shared learnings—are imperative to validating the efforts of those who use innovation, business acumen and dogged determination to effect change. So we will continue telling stories - and we invite you to join our growing community of social innovators and entrepreneurs toward greater impact and social change.