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Introducing... a New Column for Mid-Career Job Seekers!

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Idealist Careers is excited to reintroduce Cynthia Jaggi, Founder of GatherWell, as a contributing writer! If you’ve been following Idealist Careers for a while, you may remember Cynthia’s insights on saying “no” without hurting your career, signs that you’ve outgrown your job, and the growth of impact investing.

Kicking off next week, Cynthia’s articles will focus on the “big questions” that come up when you’re thinking about transitioning to the nonprofit sector or social impact space… but that you may never have been comfortable asking out loud! These vignettes will tell the stories of job seekers like you and give you a glimpse into their worries and concerns, while revealing at-the-moment advice and insights you can use today.

If you’re a mid-career professional who’s been wanting to make a greater impact in your work, you can probably relate to questions like:

  • My family thinks I’m crazy to be thinking about leaving a stable job in a successful company for something new and unknown. What can I say to them?
  • I don't want to leave my job, but I want to find more meaning in what I do. How can I integrate social impact into the work I already do?
  • I've just been made redundant at my job and want to get into work related to sustainability, where do I start?
  • I'm concerned that if I switch to the social sector I won't be able to go back to the corporate world later even if I want to. What can I do to combat this fear?

Sound like you? Be sure to stay tuned for Cynthia’s articles, and invite your friends to read along, too!

We can’t wait to share this new feature with you!

About the Author: Cynthia Jaggi is an entrepreneur and leadership expert for people who are looking to create massive impact. She was named a lean-startup ambassador for her work bringing a lean approach to social impact and her insights have been featured on Business Insider, Women 2.0 and Idealist Careers. Cynthia is also the Founder of GatherWell, the Think + Do tank for Practical Idealists and a Partner at Living Economy Advisors, increasing the flow of capital to the living economy.

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