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Tech Watch | Using Social Media In The Job Search

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Our monthly roundup of technology news and tools for changemakers.

While networking on social media is viewed with suspicion, employers are paying more attention to how candidates appear online. A 2012 study from JobVite found that 92% of employers use or plan to use social networks in their recruiting and that 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn when looking for the ideal candidate.

While keeping social media accounts up-to-date is important, creating a social media resume can be one way to stand out in a crowd. How is a social resume different than a website or LinkedIn profile? Mashable says a “‘social resume” is beginning to gain traction, and refers to digital enhancements to the traditional paper or PDF curriculum vitae.” Forbes declared, “in 2013, the traditional resume will be replaced by the breadth and depth of your personal brand.

How can you use social media better?

Companies have stepped up to the plate, providing tools and resources to help job seekers turn their online presence into a more polished resume. Resume Writers Ink offers social media services to help polish up a LinkedIn profile and social presence, while ResumeSocial allows job seekers a chance to share their resume and get feedback from the community.

Behance helps more creative professionals bring their portfolio online, and IT Resume Service recently debuted TweetsResume, a real-time tool that brings an individual’s social presence into their resume document.

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