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Why You Should Always Think Two Jobs Ahead

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It’s Throwback Thursday! We’re taking a stroll down memory lane and sharing a resource you might have missed. This piece originally appeared here.


A report released earlier this year shared that turnover among fundraising professionals is high, with many staying at their jobs for two years before moving on. But Andrew Watt, president of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, encourages fundraisers to develop skills needed for future jobs and to have a more long-term outlook on their careers.

“Think at least two jobs ahead,” Watt said in this video for The Chronicle of Philanthropy. “It provides a focus to your career choices and it forces you to think about things that will be relevant to you two jobs from now, in 10 years time.”

Although his advice is targeted at fundraisers, we see the value in thinking about skills you’ll need for jobs you want to pursue in the future.

Andrew Watt on the Chronicle of Philanthropy 

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by Kimberly Maul

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