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About Us

Commit Media creates, produces and distributes entertainment projects to raise awareness and funds for Non-Profits. We operate throughout the entertainment, communication, and media fields including music, TV, film, DVD, books, events, celebrity matching, causal marketing, theater, internet and mobile phones. We will also consult selective organizations on the use of “Entertainment For A Cause ™”.

“Between The Covers”, our first project, is a CD released via SONYBMG along with a 30 minute companion TV program airing on VH-1 also entitled “Between The Covers” hosted by Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon pka The Bacon Brothers due for release in June 06. Proceeds will benefit the T. . Martell Foundation’s funding of cutting edge research into a cure(s) for leukemia, cancer and aids. Artists performing cover songs include U2, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz, The Dixie Chicks, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Sarah McLachlan and many others. Further projects are in the pipeline and will subsequently be announced.