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Take Action | 5 Organizations Supporting People Experiencing Homelessness

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Janet Reyes

5 Organizations Working to End Homelessness | Ideas for Action
Illustration by Marian Blair

While many of us isolate at home to wait out the COVID-19 crisis, people experiencing homelessness have been struggling to adhere to basic safety guidelines and have become one of the most high-risk groups. That’s why many organizations dedicated to supporting them are working harder than ever to help during the pandemic, but they still need your support. 

Check out these organizations if you’re looking for ways to help people experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 crisis:

Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project, Seattle, WA

Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project is a Seattle-based publication that provides means of immediate employment to those struggling with homelessness by hiring them to sell newspapers. The project is currently seeking community volunteers to make face masks and care packages to help people experiencing homelessness in Seattle stay safe and healthy.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Alameda County, Oakland, CA

Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides resources like emergency shelter, access to food, and job training to those in need. They are currently seeking volunteers to help prepare meals for people experiencing homelessness in the Alameda County area. 

The Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter Inc, New York, NY

The Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter’s mission is to help New Yorkers who are experiencing homelessness, as well as mental illness and substance abuse, get back on their feet by providing housing, counseling, and other services. The Coalition is currently seeking volunteers to transport food from lower Manhattan to their supportive housing location in the Upper East Side.

Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center, New York, NY

Hunter College New York City Food Policy Center works to create healthier and more sustainable food environments through research and advocacy. During the COVID-19 crisis, they are seeking volunteers to help make real-time updates to their Coronavirus NYC Neighborhood Food Resource Guide, which provides valuable information for New Yorkers in search of homeless shelters, food pantries, and more.

The Children’s Clinic, Serving Children and Their Families, Long Beach, CA

The mission of the Children’s Clinic is to ensure children from low-income families receive the health care they need, while also addressing disparities in the healthcare system. Currently, they are seeking volunteers to make masks for patients experiencing homelessness to ensure their health and safety during the COVID-19 crisis.


If you’ve missed the boat on volunteer opportunities with any of the above organizations, don’t forget to explore our latest opportunities to find organizations seeking volunteers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Janet Reyes profile image

Janet Reyes

I am a community support associate with a BA in English. After spending some time working in the world of e-commerce, I was led to Idealist by my desire to work in the nonprofit sector.