Immanuel's Church

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16819 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring
United States

About Us


MISSION STATEMENT – To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known!

Knowing our God is Immanuel’s primary purpose; it is our contemplative side – worshipping, adoring, seeking, and pursuing Him! Making our Lord known is Immanuel’s apostolic side – sent forth by the Father to proclaim Jesus in all His awesome glory and to present everyone perfect in Him.

Immanuel’s Core Values

There are five (5) dearly held core values in Immanuel’s Church. These values enable us to fulfill the purpose for which God has called us into existence – to know our God and to make Him known.

o Passionately loving our God is our primary core value as a church. o Magnifying and exalting the Word of our God, even as our God has magnified and exalted His Word above all things (Ps. 138:2) o Pursuing the deeper life, life on the higher plane! We recognize that the deeper life will enable us “to be done with the lesser things” in order to serve the purpose of God in our generation. o Seeking God’s revival presence, for that has been the key to the growth and development of our church over the years. o Being poured out for world-wide evangelism until all in every place have seen the salvation of our God.