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About Us

LiNK Utah, a LiNK rescue team based in Salt Lake City, has a goal to provide funding for the rescue of four North Korean refugees. Refugees are relocated from China, where they are likely to be sent back to North Korea if discovered. It costs approximately $2,500 to rescue each refugee, which means we need $10,000 to reach our goal. That money goes toward things such as basic necessities like food and clothing, transportation, shelter, and other supplies. Refugees will be relocated to places like South Korea or the United States, where they begin new lives.

LiNK Utah plans on raising the money through multiple channels such as a symbolic 160-mile Walk for Liberty in Salt Lake City’s Liberty Park and hitting the streets to solicit one-time donations.

Utah LiNK is currently looking for volunteers to help in our mission to improve human rights in North Korea in the following areas:

Join us!

Join our Rescue Team, or form your own

We would love to invite you to join our Rescue Team as a volunteer. As a teammate, you would be responsible for helping out with activities like advertising, promoting, fundraising, and advocating for the people of North Korea at Utah LiNK events. Additionally, if you are unable to join our team directly, you may form your own Rescue Team and connect it to ours. Email brett@utahlink.org for questions.

Host a party

Host a party, barbecue, or other gathering to raise money for the big $10,000 goal. Get your friends involved! For more details, email Brett.

Host a movie screening

Host a screening of one of LiNK's North Korea documentaries like Danny from North Korea. You provide the guests and the location; we'll provide the rest.For more details, email Brett.

Join us on our walk

Join us on our 160-mile walk around Liberty Park later this summer. We will be walking for about three days, so you can come any time and stay as long as you'd like. More details to come.

Help us get the word out

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and help us spread our message. As a grassroots organization, we know how important it can be to utilize social networking. Retweet, repost, and comment. We want to hear what you think!

Do you have ideas?

Have an idea? Have a skill that you don't see here, but you think would help our efforts? Get in touch with us and let us know! We're always looking for new ways to expand our campaign and bring greater visibility to the LiNK Utah cause. EmailBrettorShane.