The New Jewish Home, Manhattan (Volunteers)

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120 West 106th st
New York
United States

About Us

The healthcare marketplace is undergoing rapid change and restructuring. As a vital resource for New York’s elders, Jewish Home is embracing that change and will continue our long history of innovation and leadership in eldercare.

Today we begin the journey to become The New Jewish Home.

We have started the process, by changing our logo and colors. But this is just the beginning. In the weeks and months ahead there will be changes in how we present ourselves and changes to make the organization more completely focused on customer service and patient centered care.

With the Green House and Small House projects, our specialty rehabilitation units, Comfort Matters – and with the other innovative programs we are undertaking – we are striving to help elders and their families live the healthiest and richest lives they can.

Jewish Home Lifecare is creating innovative NEW approaches to eldercare that are true to our JEWISH values and built upon a foundation of making all elders feel at HOME.