National Association of Black Actors - NABA

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About Us

NABA is a unique organization whose mission is to be an advocate for the Black actor. Although we have come a long way, we have a long way to go. The opportunities for black actors just isn't therre and NABA is determined to make the difference. We realize that in order for things to change and for the doors of opportunity to open for the Black actor, director, casting director, writer, producer and trade professionals in this industry NABA is necessary and YOU make it possible. Denzel Washington isn't enough, Halley Berry isn't enough, not Cuba Gooding, or Lou Gosset, Jr., Whoopi Goldberg or Jennifer Hudson isn't nearly enough. When will it be Don Cheadle, or you or me? We need the roles, the writers, the projects, the opportunities. We cannot sit quietly, we must step up and make a difference. We have the talent and our voice is necessary, we make a difference. If acting is your passion, your life, your gift, join NABA and show us what you've got. Take an active role either as an actor, a sponsor or just someone who loves, beleives and supports black arts. NABA is you.

We offer membership, audience deveopment, scholarships, sponsorship, workshops, seminars, showcases, credit union membership, health benefits and so much more. Join Now!