Life on Life Academy

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1525 Circle Ave
Forest Park

United States

About Us

Life on Life was founded in 2006 with the conviction that “it takes a life to change a life” and a passion for dreaming for at-risk youth until they can dream for themselves. Life on Life seeks to counteract inner-city youth becoming mere statistics of violence, drugs, gangs, and a poor education system. Eleven boys, from ages 7-12, are currently engaged in Life on Life’s Flipside Acrobatics team. 

Life on Life’s vision for the Flipside Acrobats is to see these young men live up to their talent, to fulfill their God-given potential in life, as demonstrated academically, vocationally, and in community. Academically, we desire to see every young man served complete a relevant post-secondary education. Vocationally, we desire to see each Flipside Acrobat equipped with a broad, Kingdom view of the world and fully engaged in life work that maximizes their personal role in this world. In community, we desire to see each young man connected to a life-giving community, living as young men of character who demonstrate responsibility for their actions, their families and their communities.