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About Us

Outreach Technology Group is a 501c non-profit organization that utilizes technology to help non-profits progress with their mission. Most non-profit organizations use all of their resources on helping the community. At OTG, it’s our mission to help raise awareness for these important causes and provide organizations with the tools necessary to succeed in today’s digital realm. We work with groups in the United States, as well as with organizations in developing countries. Through our projects and partnerships, we hope to mitigate technology-dependencies on non-profits, allowing them to focus primarily on helping the community.

At Outrea we offer a variety of digital services to help create awareness for non-profits. This includes website development and maintenance, website hosting, creative design, as well as search engine optimization and social media consulting.

We also provide digital resources that increase organizational growth and create more efficient processes. This comes in the form of apps, data and anayltical resources, bots, saas resources, and more. Contact us today so we can discuss the needs of your organization.