Georgetown Law Juvenile Justice Clinic

  • District of Columbia

About Us

As one of the first legal clinics of its kind, the Georgetown Law Juvenile Justice Clinic continues to be one of the premier law school clinics in the country. The Clinic represents youth charged with delinquency in DC, and provides an experiential and classroom learning opportunity for law students and resources and support for juvenile defenders practicing locally and nationally.

The Juvenile Justice Clinic's Mission is:

  1. To provide highly effective representation to clinic clients.
  2. To improve an adolescent's chance of becoming a productive citizen.
  3. To protect the rights and interests of children.
  4. To teach law students how to think independently, to synthesize facts and legal principles, and to plan litigation strategies.
  5. To develop a law student's ability to analyze the substantive law and to determine its appropriateness.
  6. To help law students understand the impact of legal systems on a community.