Arlington Catholic High School

  • MA


16 Medford Street
United States

About Us


Arlington Catholic High School is a co-educational, college preparatory school, committed to the experience of learning, living and worshipping in a Catholic Community. We believe in God, the dignity of the individual, and in the responsibility of each person to contribute to the building of a just society. Along with the family and the community, we endeavor to form in our students a commitment to academic achievement, an awareness of the interconnectedness among all peoples, and an ability to respond as educated Christians to the challenges of an ever-changing world.


· To create and develop an awareness of Christian Values · To foster an individual and communal relationship with God · To encourage a spirit of service and leadership within the school, local, and global communities · To provide an academic atmosphere in which will enable students to recognize and desire excellence · To challenge students to think critically and creatively · To encourage the growth of independent learning · To promote the respect for self and others · To help student develop and preserve physical and mental health · To offer opportunities for students to experience belonging, caring and relating to others.