Electronic Victim Assistance Network

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About Us

EVAN's mission is to transform victim advocacy through the use of technology.

The Electronic Victim Assistance Network (EVAN) is brand new organization that aims to use technology to reach more crime victims and to improve crime victim advocacy nationwide. EVAN does this by:

  • Providing online professional crime victim advocacy through its chat function on its website
  • Creating a network of advocates nationally who volunteer for the EVAN chat service and/or who incorporate the chat function into the delivery of victim services on their own websites
  • Connect crime victim advocates and encourage the sharing of information and ideas on a regular basis to improve services to victims of crime
  • Create awareness about crime victim rights and services
  • Work to improve crime victim rights and services

EVAN helps victims/survivors of all types of crime, including:

  • Homicide, domestic violence, identity theft, burglary, theft, arson, assault, sexual violence, bullying, hate crime, etc.