U.S. Dream Academy - Washington, D.C.

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3999 8th St. SE
United States

About Us

Dream Academy Learning Centers provide: A state of the art, web deployable self paced, self instructional curriculum to increase reading, math and English comprehension and proficiency, with the capacity to navigate the Internet; A safe learning environment for children and youth who are at risk of incarceration, school failure, future unemployment or underemployment, or becoming involved with gang activity, or involved with the criminal justice system; strategic partnerships with faith-based organizations, school 
systems, major corporations and local businesses, and community services groups to build a program and service delivery infrastructure for the children and families of the nations' inmate population; Mentoring programs to help children, youth and families develop healthy social and emotional stability. Carefully screened and trained mentors and staff engage in rigorous, ongoing instruction and professional development opportunities.