Orange County Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology

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About Us

The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) is an international professional organization dedicated to promoting the scientific study of factors that influence the maintenance, loss, and restoration of biological diversity. In that spirit, the Orange County Chapter of SCB seeks to increase the involvement of Orange County citizens in local conservation-based science. OC-SCB facilitates this involvement through guest lectures, outdoor activities, and research opportunities.

Each month, OC-SCB members help organize and attend:

A monthly meeting. At meetings, members will be able to hear about board decisions, upcoming activities, and discuss future directions. In addition, our meetings feature invited speakers, ranging from local biologists, policy makers, and conservation professionals working in Orange County.

An outdoor activity. To help remind us of why we became passionate about conservation in the first place, we organize monthly outdoor activities. These include day hikes, kayak trips, habitat restoration, bird banding, and much more.