HELP/Nepal (Human Environmental League for Preservation)

About Us

Our Vision

HELP/Nepal works to create an equitable, just, peaceful, democratic and pluralistic society where people without any discrimination on the basis of their economic situation, caste, creed, race, ethnicity and sex will respect each other and work together to realise the fundamental and universal principles of Human Rights.

HELP/Nepal will work to eliminate all forms of dehumanization, exploitation and oppression through animation and people's organization empowering individuals and community organizations to enable them to achieve integral human development and become agents of social transformation.

HELP/Nepal acts to bridge the gap between community and development by utilization of local resources and exploration of technical knowledge and skill development. Our aim is to provide an uplift of the socio-economic status of rural and urban poor communities.

HELP/Nepal advocates an increase in the speed of development in the 21st century, the age of global citizenship and human welfare.

Our Objectives

  • To carry out surveys, research, management, monitoring and evaluation of ongoing projects through suitable training, seminars and workshops in co-operation with INGOs/NGOs and government agencies;
  • To organize and conduct legal proceeding and awareness on physical, mental, social and economic development of children, women and youth;
  • To establish and maintain relationships with between various communities and organizations working in social services;
  • To organize and conduct upliftment, development and encouragement of people and communities below the poverty line.

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